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Case Study

GameTV Rebrand

Develop a new brand identity and tagline to reflect the evolution of GameTV as a broad-reaching lifestyle channel.

Creative Director

Devon Allistone

Marketing Director

Gary Sappleton


Devon Allistone


Devon Allisone

3D Animation/Design

Matt Greenwood

2D Design/Tracking/Grading

Devon Allisone

The Challenge

GameTV was suffering from a perception problem. Viewers discounted the station, believing it to feature exclusively game shows, video games or some form of gambling. Despite what the name suggested, in reality the programming was lifestyle content and movies. The 2012 business objective was to create a new brand identity in order to reflect the current GameTV in tone & manner, programming and audience (M/F 25-54).

The Goal

The branding objective was to create a cohesive visual package that could be used across all promotional and advertising elements in order to reinforce an integrated new communications platform. There was one key consideration: 

All this needed to be achieved without changing the station name or logo.

New Visual Identity 

The new brand identity needed to reflect both the network’s shift to a conventional station offering lifestyle programming, as well as break perceptions around traditional associations one would have with the word “Game”. What came next was the building of a fresh, modern brand, including development of a new tagline, station ID’s and brand assets package.

Identity Philosophy

  • Make the ordinary extraordinary

  • Introduce a sense of magic

  • Create a connection visually and emotionally

  • Take the viewer on a journey

  • Reinforce that GameTV is a lifestyle channel.

Must-Have Elements for each ID

  • Each ID tells a story

  • Faces are seen in every ID

  • An aspirational element is incorporated into each ID

  • Brand pillars, (Fun, Entertaining, Competition) are represented

  • Tone & manner, (clean, comfortable, energetic) is represented.

The Tagline

A new tagline was needed to help create a bridge between the station name and the new focus of the programming.

In order to address this need, a new tagline was developed: Playful When You Are.

Brand Platform

The tagline also acted as the base for the brand platform. The word "Playful" could be interchanged with other actions or emotions to reflect the diverse programming on GameTV.

The Results

Since the relaunch, GameTV has doubled its overall AMA, with a 72% increase in audience size for its primetime programming for an average audience of 22,000 viewers a day with a regular ranking in the top 10 to 12 specialty channels,

Style Frames/Boards

GameTV Rebrand Examples
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